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The Anatomy Department serves as the cornerstone forstudents embarking on their medical journey. It is here,within the Department of Anatomy, that aspiringphysicians are introduced to the fundamental structuresof the human body. Derived from the Greek words 'ana'meaning 'up' and 'tome' meaning 'a cutting', anatomytraditionally involved the dissection of cadavers tocomprehend the intricacies of living organisms.

Human anatomy holds paramount importance inmedicine, as it lays the groundwork for understandingthe complexities of the human form. Within the walls ofour institution, the Department of Anatomy is committedto providing a nurturing environment for students todevelop a profound grasp of anatomical principles.

At Ahsania Mission Medical College, the Anatomy Department distinguishes itself through personalized attention and unwavering dedication from its educators. Headed by a Professor, anatomy department consist with Asso. Professor, Asst. Professor, Lecturers, Curator, Taxidermist, Morgue Man and other support staffs. Our department boasts a spacious and inviting dissection hall, complemented by a well-equipped histology laboratory. Furthermore, our museum showcases a comprehensive array of specimens, models, and charts essential for a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy.

Practical training within the dissection hall offers students invaluable hands-on experience, ensuring a thorough exploration of gross anatomy. Through meticulous instruction and state-of-the-art facilities, the Anatomy Department at Ahsania Mission Medical College strives to instill in students the foundational knowledge necessary for their pursuit of excellence in the field of medicine.

Faculty members

Professor, Anatomy

Assistant Professor, Anatomy

Lecturer, Anatomy

Associate Professor, Anatomy

Curator, Anatomy

Lecturer, Anatomy

Lecturer, Anatomy

Lecturer, Anatomy